Toward The Omega

by Knights of Mars

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released April 15, 2017

Words and music: Sir Phobos

Guitars: Sir Deimos

Female vocals on "...The Path...": MK

First chair music stand: KK

Artwork: Carp Studios

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sir Phobos at Martian Law Studios, Cottage Grove, MN.




Knights of Mars Minnesota

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Track Name: The Ones Who Hinder...
Track Name: Science
Construct a new world
Hurl the gods from their throne
Destroy "what-may-be"
Evolving the convenient lie
That binds the future to the past
Nothing matters anyway

The magical is beyond rational
Never give it another thought
You are worthless, you are human
Resign your dreams to oblivion

Thus we speak
All too predictably
Like biological machines
Alive for nothing

Without evidence
You won't believe
Faithlessness leaves you
In everlasting apathy
Rebuke all those
Who don't fully see
The hypocrite's fallacy
A lie called objectivity
Truth has error
Your faith in error
Track Name: Dogma
Come, oh child of simple faith, cast your eyes
Upon the stage shining bright, a man named "God"
Together, we pray for wealth, a promise to ignite...

Burns our souls
Into ash
For our sins
The age of man

Be not lonely, dear sweet lost child
Be one in peace, my word guides us
Confess your sins, until you're saved
Only your works make you holy
Repent to men, undo free will
Stoke your passion, embers grow to...

Give your mind to spare your torment
Give your world or fall from Zion

Prepare your heart, the end is nigh, the final act
Give testament to your great faith, thy will be done
You've followed well, no take this last drink, your Sacrament
Absolute submission, apostate not, now be engulfed by...
Track Name: Mouthpieces
TV, radio
Mass media microphones
Infect me, direct me
Tell me where to cast my vote

Yes, no, I don't know
I can't think on my own
Tune it in, turn it up
Opinions made in stereo

Lead us down
Lead us down
With our own thoughts
Own sounds

Text drain, thoughts slain
God forbid I use my brain
I'll listen, only listen
To what corruption has to say

Pander, spread fear
Make the points loud and clear
Rhetoric, does the trick
Here's a new spin for you to hear

We've got the words that make us
The message to bring us back to greatness
We've got the path to be righteous
Hear our words and think like us

Kill 'em and kill 'em and kill 'em until they understand

Tall tales, Wild Bill
Rabble rouse against my will
Exaggerate, uneducate
You have to close your mind for the thrill

Big shots on top
Generalize without a thought
Make a claim, hold in vain
Pretty faces that can be bought
Track Name: Apathetics
No! Deny the myth of old
A future without fear
Or consequence to fail
Failure to be...

Nothing more than mundane, unending
Chains of hopelessness and repeating days
Intentional rejection to experience
A grave marked by the name of "life"

A bitter pill to swallow
No better drive than the pain we endure
A choice to decompose
To reject all meaning as the soul erodes

No! Renounce the burden
The rote days of pain
The pain to follow
Always follow...

The guide to the end with no real triumph
And yet, here we are, awaking to another yesterday

We will never admit
How we drown in regret

No! One more day of the same
Never to be one's fate
That was built alone
Never to escape...

The constant dream to be someone else
From dawn to dusk, the same old story
Abandon creation for doldrum facades
The walls that trap an uninspired reality
Track Name: ...The Path...
From the first time a second ticked and we became aware
We've been searching for a way to reunite
To harmonize with what lies beyond time
There's a way to rise up without suffering

We must evolve at least as much
As we threaten to fade away
Encourage the world to break free
And see all there is to see with...

The emergence of mind
The experience of life
Let nothing be undone

The end will surely come
When the last vision is done
And heaven will be one

Remember how the past used to guide us
Remember that the world stays when we no longer care

Do not forget your own possibility
Do not lose sight of what must be done
Do not give up on your visions and dreams
Or give up on whatever fate may bring

Someday the world will nothing left to show
The distinction of perfection rests in pure harmony
Let not your ambitions be lost to complacency
Hold your head high and give what you may
Track Name: Consumer
Appeal to our basest senses
Minds lost wandering
Focused on false reality
A haven of idolatry

Admire it and consume it
Accomplish nothing for yourself
Follow all that's been created
And leave nothing of your own

Your world of blue screens
Doesn't amount to shit
Your material dreams
Hold us from reality, hold us from eternity

Worship the digital celebrity
Nothing to show for yourself
Vicarious non-existence
Null binary experience

Happiness is one more trophy
Unlocked in the blood of virtual war
Lost reason, lost thinking
The arts regress into rust

We consume more
We devolve more
All we care for
Is the next big nothing
Track Name: Junkie
What day is today?
God, I can't take this pain
I want the world to fade
If I can't be Superman again

It doesn't matter how
Or who else has to fall
I'll have another taste
There's no lie too big or small

Open wound fire!
Into another world
Your can forget the ones
Who loved you

Open wound fire!
Into another world
Say goodbye to the life
That you know

Mommy found a new friend
He'll stay for the day
He'll give me what I want
My body is the only way to pay

Now run along children
Go take care of yourselves
Scour through the filthy house
While mommy enjoys herself

The blood burns and feasts on the brain
I spew wretched lies in conflicted pain
There's no love lost and nothing to give
We're all beasts with no right to live

The worms crawl into my skin
Stab deep into the vein
Every new sin erased
The monsters come out to play

I've got the next big plan
But I need some more from you
I'll take whatever I need
And then my dreams will come true
Track Name: ...Toward The Omega